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Are you the guardian of your brand? Or its custodian?


Are you asking “what’s the difference?”  Let’s look at what they both mean.

As a brand guardian, your role is to keep your brand safe and on the straight and narrow - undiluted, untainted, even.  You’re a guardian angel, keeping it in check.  You refer to your brand manual or brand book and resist attempts by new marketing people or agencies to indulge their creativity and go off-piste.

You might be like 02, which so fiercely protects its brand image and closely controls all its manifestations.  Everything looks the same, everything feels the same, regardless of medium or audience.

As its custodian, your role is to keep the brand true to its ethos – but you also exist to keep it fresh. You are constantly learning and modifying the customer franchise so the brand adapts to a changing landscape.  Your job is to prune the weak shoots and encourage the strong; to discover fresh talent and new ways of engaging the audience - to deliver the same message, but express it in different ways

Like giffgaff  – effectively from the same stable as 02 – with its strapline The mobile network run by you. giffgaff lives its customer promise by empowering its users to interpret its brand to suit both medium and audience.  See how this is done at

Which way are you going to go?  According to Edelman’s Consumer Marketing Study, 90% of global online customers want marketers to more effectively share their brands so they allow interaction and invention by its customers.

At Thread, our philosophy and process makes us both guardian and custodian.  We work across a multiplicity of media, so we need to make sure the client’s brand looks and feels like the client’s brand.

At the same time we’re naturally curious, experimental, and innovative.  We thrive on pushing a brand’s boundaries and exploring new means of engaging audiences and turning them into brand advocates.