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How do you stand out from the crowd now that over 93% of marketers are using social media as part of their strategy?

There are two critical factors involved in creating a white-noise-defying strategy: time and talent. All marketing teams have varying quantities of each – many have a good degree of talent but are often stretched for time, whereas others have plenty of experience in traditional marketing methods, but obvious exploitation of this new channel doesn’t come naturally to them.

Forbes highlighted that managing only a single platform swallows up 32 hours a month for a midsize company, and this just refers to the physical management time required.

What these stats show is that social media has evolved from an optional extra to compulsory part of the toolkit, with applications in market research, customer service, community building and networking with partners. The obvious answer to all this is to hire an internal resource to manage your social media, develop your strategy and run your campaigns. Fine if you have the budget and if you can find the right candidate.

No wonder, then, that there’s been a 128% increase in the outsourcing of social media marketing, according to Social Strategy, who put this surge down to several factors:

  • The sheer amount of time involved in upholding a social media account.
  • The many talents required such as social monitoring, customer engagement and content creation.
  • The ever-shifting technological advancements that require constant work to stay on top of.
  • The trial and error of learning what practices work, and what doesn’t (where a consultant or agency will have tested through a variety of clients).
  • The towering costs involved in hiring social media professionals internally.


Another consideration is that companies must be ‘on call’ to handle customer service queries and respond to discussions about their brand within the hour (25% expect this speed of response on Facebook and Twitter), before damage manifests itself

Whether hiring internally or not, if you want to scale up your activity you have a few options open to you. For a very cost-effective solution we recommend that you pay an intern who will have grown up using social media (yes they are just about old enough!).  

Alternatively you could consider bringing in a freelancer who you can turn on or off as desired, but you would need an internal employee to manage this resource. Finally, you can use an agency (cough, cough) for either part of full management of your social media accounts. They will often cost the same as an internal employee but with a number of different skills and talents to cover the plethora of requirements of a multi-dimensional strategy.


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