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Just wanted to say big thanks for your efforts. We've seen a step-change in our results from social media - better ad performance, a new blog site and most importantly increased conversion. Keep up the good work!

Hello Fresh, a unique home delivery grocery service had handled their social media for the first six months of business. With rapid business growth and a vacancy on the marketing team causing the need for a helping hand, Thread stepped in to take over their social media and build on their already impressive results.


Customer service was a key priority for Hello Fresh, with social media channels the main form of communication for their clients. A sizeable Facebook community was built upon, using optimised pay-per-click advertising and posts that encouraged customers to visit the new blog site, for which we provided the content.


Where Thread was initially taken on to fill the requirements of a full-time employee, we quadrupled their conversions by taking a simple shift away from community building towards sales lead generation. Part of the success of this campaign can be attributed to a free recipe book, requiring an email address for download.  Fresh saw an average of over 400% return on their investment - and Thread became an integral part of their team.

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