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The sales process has fundamentally changed over the last decade or so. Clients have access to more information than ever before, putting an increasing amount of power in their hands. The days of taking a prospective client out for a nice lunch have been replaced by clients using market research to negotiate on price.


Fortunately, this new paradigm offers an opportunity for sales, too. New digital sales tools have begun to mature that allow for the rapid research of new markets and the delivery of information to buyers within those markets. You can quickly find out who clients are and what makes them tick, and deliver tools and content to help them learn about your industry.

At Thread, we develop a combination of digital sales tools, business e-learning platforms, and apps for both sales and customers, to help our clients sell more with less hassle.

By having a sophisticated range of tools, platforms, and content, you demonstrate that you are a major player in your market. It also makes life a lot easier. You can rollout content changes centrally, for example, minimising version issues and ensuring that information is up-to-date. Or you could deliver event delegates with digital ‘bags’ of marketing material based on their specific needs, challenges, and objectives.


Our clients find that these tools allow them to work both more efficiently and more effectively. By closely aligning fresh, up-to-date content to individual prospects, they feel understood.


Even if they do find the same service cheaper elsewhere, clients will always pay more if they are confident that they feel understood by their supplier – it just makes life a lot easier.


Digital Sales Tools

Business E-learning

Sales and Customer Apps

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