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The money you spend on agencies can only be justified if it produces a quantifiable return.

One thing you can be sure of, every year, your organisation is wasting money on promotion and publicity.

The founder of Unilever said it best: “I know I waste half my promotional budget, I just don’t know which half.”

Every time you brief an agency you should be asking: Is this process effective? Is it efficient?  What, exactly, do I expect in return?


If your agency cannot help you answer these questions, walk away.

Of course, your high-level need might simply be ‘to improve awareness’ or ‘build the brand’…both are necessary for any successful business, but they are not sufficient. 




 Any agency that accepts the one without the other may well be creative but will they ultimately be effective?

Your advisors, whoever they are, should always point the way to higher turnover, lower costs, better profits.


At Thread, the link between a pretty picture, or a piece of persuasive copy, and a provable return on investment is our only goal.

Everything we do leads in a demonstrable way to greater turnover and profits.


Our job is not to sell more to our clients, but to sell more for our clients.


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