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To shape a better world


Thread Group will implement practices that promote economic security, social betterment and environmental stewardship and will strive for continuous improvement of performance in these areas.

To deliver this, Thread Group aims to:
set a sustainability business strategy;

be a leader in sustainable development in areas relevant to its business;

work with its clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes;

promote sustainable practices;

hold its performance accountable to its staff through objective measurements;

report on its sustainability performance and achievements, and ensure that leaders of the firm are involved in the implementation of this policy and in reviewing sustainability performance.


Our actions
In meeting these objectives, Thread Group will:

For its core business:
provide value to clients by building upon its reputation for integrated design and a holistic approach to projects;

deliver projects recognised for their sustainability credentials, in line with client expectations; evaluate projects with respect to their sustainability risks and opportunities and, where appropriate, discuss these with the client; and achieve performance that ensures the firm’s economic, environmental and financial viability.


For its people: employ and retain staff who have a high degree of awareness and expertise in sustainability for all disciplines practised;

provide continuing education and training for all staff on sustainability issues relevant to the firm’s businesses; and support innovative approaches to implementation of sustainability strategies on projects. For its facilities maintenance management systems to assist with implementation of sustainability objectives; aim to use resources efficiently and to minimise waste, usage of water, energy and other consumables in the office environment; develop a strategy to move towards minimising carbon emissions in its operations; endeavour to prevent pollution within the scope of its activities; and develop a strategy for the firm to move towards sustainable procurement of the goods and services used in its operations. For its external relationships partner with organisations that practice sustainability and that enable the exchange of ideas and the promotion of sustainability leadership across its businesses; and fund and work on community projects that achieve sustainability goals.

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