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Getting your head around Social Media ROIs

When it comes to improving your online brand presence, the best way to move forward is to constantly analyse usage statistics supplied by social networks. Whether you have shelled out either money or time for social media ventures, it is important to be aware of your Return on Investment (ROI).

The surprising fact is, that most companies have inaccurate ideas or indeed no clue about their ROIs.

Here are a few head turning statistics collected by Hubspot that illustrate the difficult relationships between marketers and ROIs:

• 60% of businesses do not have an integrated social media strategy

• 56% of companies struggle to efficiently capture and analyse information from multiple social media channels

• By 2013, lead management campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels are expected to outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%

These facts should act as an eye-opener for marketers, and here’s why:

It is essential to have a social media strategy. An array of posts, tweets and the rest, is simply not effective enough to really improve your brand presence.

Marketers can use their time wisely by pre-planning online content in advance, readying for any upcoming products, services or events, and turning the news into content.

Equally important however is learning the optimum types of content to post, and the times to post them. Understanding the perfect posting methods will improve your brand presence and engage your audience as well as making online marketing more efficient and effective.

Whilst there are different forms of content posting and sharing on different social networks, it is a huge advantage to take the time to learn the statistical ins and outs of each one.

Rather than simply favouring Facebook and Twitter, understanding the data supplied by LinkedIn, Pinterest and the other contenders will ensure that you can outperform rivals with less channels.

Familiarising oneself with the terminology and deriving information from all data is essential, otherwise it is impossible to know exactly what your ROI is, and this will stop you in forwarding your online presence.

If you would like any further advice on social media marketing, why not contact us today and find out what Thread can do for your company.

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