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Google begins online community

When transforming your company’s online presence from a one-way or even two-way conversation between potential clients, the most effective way to overcome a corporate presence is to build a community.

Rather than periodically posting tweets, Facebook updates, etc. successful brands take it one step further and establish an online space where consumers and business alike come to interact, share information and ask and answer questions.

This is nothing new; in fact we have long seen communities in the form of Facebook and Linked groups. But now the internet titan Google has launched a notable update: Google+ Communities.

Here are a few reasons why Google+ Communities will be an asset to marketers everywhere:

Start your own fanbase – Conversations about any subject can be created, so companies can contribute and build a reputation as a sharer of useful information.

Conversation Location – Discussions can be searched for, making it effortless for marketers to locate topics which they specialise on (or simply wish to learn more about). Similarly, any Google+ Community user can effortlessly find conversations that your company has started or contributed to.

Sharing the knowledge – With +1 buttons, your group can be shared across the Google community, so growing your presence within a group can be truly far-reaching.

Further business promotion – Hangouts can be established with community peers and events can be prominently marketed and even collaborated on with other members.

Networking, networking, networking – Google+ Communities above all, acts as another platform to connect with potential customers. So networking with peers holding similar interests is a no-brainer as your presence, credibility and ultimately customer base, will soar.

How Do I Begin?

Simply visit Google+, click the ‘Communities’ icon and create your own with the ‘Create a Community’ button.

You can access Google+ Communities by clicking on the “Communities” icon when you’re in Google+. To create your own community, just click the red ‘Create a Community’ button.

And if you’re looking to reach users far and wide, from consumers to businesses, begin a public, rather private account.

Once you are set up, let the networking mission begin.

Or if you would like any further advice on marketing through Google+ Communities or through any of form of social media, why not call Thread on 0207 226 0099 or contact us to find out more.

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