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How to produce content for the Facebook mobile app

Two undoubtedly powerful marketing tools in this day and age are Facebook and mobile devices.

As the social network with the most worldwide users, and with smartphones finding a place in almost everyone’s lives with unique online accessibility, any company would be wise to incorporate both into their marketing repertoire.

Of course the majority strive to do so anyway.

When marketers are comfortable with marketing on the colossus social network and have learned how to integrate online content format, the next step is to master content transfer for the Facebook app itself.

600 million people are already using it, so it is crucial not to waste any marketing time!

While accessing Facebook from a computer has many different aspects to it, the mobile app is merely a compact version – it displays only the news feed.

So, marketers must ensure that only concise, relevant and valuable information will appear from their company on the feed, stopping viewers in their tracks.

Naturally, content will be far smaller and more difficult to consume. Marketers should also bear in mind that any user will be speedily looking through the feed like there’s no tomorrow.

This is why it must only take a single second to catch their interest.

Remember the lessons of last year: visual content is key and will far more likely entice users than plain-text posts. Whether it is an image, video or infographic post, marketers would do well to make these types of content a common post.

Posts should also be easy to digest, making a point instantly, rather than beating around the bush. Therefore, text should be kept to a minimum and go hand in hand with visual posts.

It is worth taking the time to see what other companies are posting to see if there is a way that your business can do things a little differently, or even pioneer some unique and attention-grabbing content.

There are endless ways in which marketers can use the Facebook mobile app, and there are no hard and fast rules, but mastering visual content is a perfect place to start.

Is your company utilising the Facebook mobile app – how have you found it?

Why not let us know how you have found it by leaving us a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter. Or, for assistance in anything marketing, contact us today.

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