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Pinterest Analytics - a present for marketers

Many marketers like to spread their advertising efforts across a plethora of social networks. Some simply stick to the big two – Facebook and Twitter, while others go strive to make a presence on any social networks there may be.

But how do we work out which networks are worth our time and efforts?

Measuring the success of any activity on any social network can be quantitatively evaluated by the use of analytics.

News then that the ever-growing picture and link-sharing social network Pinterest has launched analytics will be welcomed across the online marketing world.

For business marketers, the joy is doubled considering that Pinterest launched its own business accounts only a few months ago. In addition, as the service is free to everyone, there should be smiles from marketers all around.

If you have, or are planning on setting up, a Pinterest business account, then allow us to walk you through how to use the service efficiently with analytics.

Where to find analytics:

Simply log in to your Pinterest business account, as the service won’t work with personal accounts. Remember to make it live by verifying.

Once logged in, make sure you have switched to the updated appearance by clicking the option on the drop down menu in the top-right corner.

When you are rocking the new look, all you then need to do it hit the Analytics tab on the same menu.

How to use analytics?

Now you can view the data of your social networking performance in different categories.

With the first tab, Site Metrics, you will see your daily average number of pins, as well as the number of users who pinned from your website.

What is even more interesting is the amount of times your website pins were re-pinned.

These numbers are also broken down by appearances on search results, on boards or the main feed.

A particularly important measure is of referrals: the number of people who visited your website via Pinterest.

When you observe the Most Recent, Most Re-pinned, and Most Clicked tabs, you will see for yourself which types of content gain the best reactions and at what time, so you can truly assess your Pinterest performance.

How has your performance been?

At Thread we have watched the evolution of Pinterest and are keen to know your thoughts on the service.

Or, if you would like any further advice on Pinterest, or on any other form of social media marketing, contact us now or take a look at our work.

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