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Release the birds - Twitter launches all-inclusive advertising

As social media marketing became crucial for companies worldwide, many top social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest specialised their services for businesses and marketers by including company pages and marketing tools for firms.

For Twitter, advertising is now available for not just businesses, but to ALL users through a new self-service ad platform.

This is a change from the previous platform where marketers originally had to be invited to use ads, with a minimum quarterly spend.

Now there are no limitations of which type of firm or organisation can use Twitter to advertise. This is especially an advantage for SMEs and smaller businesses everywhere, as they do not need to wait to be offered advertising and be locked down to a contract.

To supplement your regular Twitter marketing activity with the odd paid advert is a perfect way to boost your online brand presence.

Of course, this is not essential and it can all come down to your marketing budget and what your company wishes to prioritise.

Before you shell out cash for any sort of paid marketing service, it is crucial to master your own social media tactics first.

You will want to be sure that your social posts are garnering the best reaction possible, so here are a few things to experiment with and assess your performance through your own analytics:

Time of day – What times of day do are you most likely to gain likes, shares, retweets etc?

Type of content – Which form of content (videos, text, images, infographics etc) pull the best reaction from your audience? You are sure to find that the more visual the content, the better the response it will receive.

Engagement – The real trick to a worthwhile reaction is engagement – where the purpose of the post is to derive a direct reaction from your audience, rather than simply a one-sided statement.

Asking your online audience questions, for instance, often produces a huge response. In fact, new research by SocialBakers revealed that the number of questions posted on the Facebook walls of UK brands increased by some 37%.

How are you doing with your social media marketing? Are you keen or apprehensive to adopt paid ad methods? Let us know with a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

For endless wisdom on social media marketing queries, contact us today or have a look at our work.

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