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Why all media is now Social Media

Whenever any business engages in media marketing, they will upload content to the World Wide Web, and if they hope that thousands will see what they have shared, this media will be posted on all their social network accounts.

It is important to remember that Social networks reach 82% of the world’s internet users, while every 60 seconds, 66,000 things are shared on Twitter, 695,000 things are shared on Facebook, and 7,000 things are shared on LinkedIn.

Anyone can post almost anything to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the rest, so you have to be aware that your web media has the potential to be social and, in fact, is more likely to be found if it is already optimised for social media.

But, despite the gargantuan quantities of traffic on social networks, you do not have to feel inclined to post every minute of every day to try and get your company noticed.

What truly works better is the quality of posts, not the quantity.

So, marketers must ask themselves the need for posting each piece of content. Each post should target an audience that the content will be of interest to. More than this however, the information should be valuable to its viewers –one way of doing this, is setting out to answer a question common to your target audience.

Keep this in mind whenever you start a LinkedIn group, whenever you tweet, post on Facebook, or craft an informative blog post or online video.

All this will pay off when you are gaining loads of reactions from your online community, and from then you will be considered a valued information sharer and service provider.

Here at Thread, we like to get under the skin of each brand so that we understand how their business functions, and learn the consumer needs of their customers so that when it comes to social media, we know exactly what to post to entice debate, and funnel in clients.

So if you would like any advice on how to get the most out of social media, why not give us a call on 0207 226 0099 or contact us.

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