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Too many businesses fail to include a call to action when writing copy that’s intended to sell, either because they are unaware how important they are, or simply because they are afraid to ask for business.

Calls to action are simply phrases that ask the reader to complete some sort of action, be it calling or emailing you, downloading a pdf, or even just visiting your website – whichever is the most logical outcome for that campaign. Of course it is not uncommon to find a number of these in any given email or web page, and they can function in harmony to present choice and flexibility to your readers.

Remember when your Mum would say something like 'So, are you helping me with the washing-up, or going to get ready for bed?' Well it's options like these that force people into completing some kind of action they might not have otherwise chosen – i.e. which of the given options are preferable? A call to action equivalent may be 'Give us a call on xxxxxxx, or if you don't have time right now click here and we'll give you a call back when it's more convenient'

The reason calls to action are so effective at increasing response rates is that quite often the reader will be intrigued in the product of service you offer, but will mentally tell themselves to look at it later – the 'mañana, mañana' effect. Calls to action bring that mental reminder immediately to the present, encouraging the reader to act now – the 'ahora, ahora' (now, now) effect.

Besides increasing response rates to your emails and web pages, calls to action also provide trackable links. Each click on a call to action can be tracked by either your email provider or your website management software – at the very basic level Google Analytics can display visits to a particular link through your calls to action. This make it much easier to see what your contacts are interested in viewing, and how they like to be contacted.

To find out more about calls to action, or to find out how little a professionally written direct mail piece would cost, why not give us a call on 44 (0)20 7226 0099? Or if you don't have time right now email us a short message with your details and we'll give you a call back when it's more convenient.

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