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There are two important factors to remember in today’s advertising industry:

1) social media networks are crucial and will continue to introduce evermore ad tools

2) video is the most engrossing form of content for viewers.

With these points in mind, it’s very telling that come July Facebook will be unleashing video ads to appear in the news feeds of users according to Adweek.

As you would expect, the major players including Coca-Cola, Ford and American Express will sample the new addition in a test round.

However, the initial options will only allow marketers to target four different demographics.

So how will it work?

You will, of course, have seen video ads before on different sites. On the Facebook news feed, they will be limited to 15 seconds and play on loop. To prevent disinterested users hearing the ad, the video will be automatically muted, with the option of then adding sound.

The frequency of the ads has yet to be seen, let alone the reaction of Facebook users.

What is undeniable though is that video is has become the medium which garners the best response from consumers. In fact, it has become the most compelling medium since the rise of visual marketing last year – when marketers discovered that they would receive a far greater reaction where visual content was featured.

At Thread, we incorporate an array of different visual marketing techniques.

For any form of visual content that you might desire, we can make it happen – whether it’s for a high-level broadcast animation, we can produce a simple indent right through to an architectural flythrough with realistic photographic visualisations. For presentations, we craft the visual story of your presentation content, so that it impacts with gargantuan effect and leaves you with a point well made.

And of course, we know the importance of film and how emotive and influential great visuals can be. So from simple stories to visual feasts, we adopt the perfect production techniques for each case. Simple or complex, a message from a senior company figure or a hierarchical 3D video we know the effect great video create.

To learn more, check out our work for endless marketing services, or contact us to see how we can help.

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