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We all know that smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices – are a must have for consumers everywhere and are therefore indispensable to marketers and business owners.

The most important function to marketers for these mobile devices is the ability of this technology to scan the web with online searches and the resulting interaction with businesses.

According to a recent study of over 6000 mobile searches by Google and research company Nielsen, when people use mobile search to help make a decision they are:

• 30% more likely to a retailer website

• 57% more likely to visit a store

• 51% more likely to make a purchase

• 39% more likely to call a business

Google recognised the importance of analysing the behaviour of mobile users, and that’s where the new Calculator comes in.

Why did Google make the Calculator?

Well, the internet giant thinks it can put the minds of company owners at rest when they are worried about how much to invest into mobile marketing.

Though Google has already extended AdWords analytics into mobile, the service has “more work to be done to improve measurement tools, most marketers still account only for sales happening on a mobile site and aren’t seeing the full picture”, writes Johanna Werther, Head of Mobile Ads Marketing on her Google blog.

However, The Full Value of Mobile Calculator tool aims “to help marketers begin this discussion and better understand mobile’s impact online and offline.”

How does it work?

Companies can upload in-store and sales data, or import existing Adwords data and the new service provides easily understandable equations and targets that demonstrate the effectiveness of a mobile ad campaign.

For instance, users can discover how many leads, sales or phone calls were delivered by mobile marketing efforts, all of which can be assessed following a mere 30-minute set-up time.

The Calculator can even determine ROI, value per click and even total value, making the service a prime tool for business analytics.

Has your businesses sampled Google’s new Calculator, or do you have any plans to?

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