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Companies can spend thousands, if not millions, on direct mailers. Despite scepticism the return on investment can still make direct mailers one of the most successful forms of marketing…providing it actually gets read. But how can you ensure that your direct mailer will be read by your target audience?

Subject Line

This is the most important factor to getting you mailer opened. Your subject line should intrigue your prospect enough to open your message, but without using some of the clichéd tactics of early email marketers. People have grown wise to subject lines such as 'Special offer just for you!!' and 'Have you seen what you're missing out?' which are obvious teasers.

However, boring subject lines such as 'Sign up to my blog' expose the essence of your sales pitch without the actual pitch content – the bit that actually sells. Instead make your subject line seem broad yet intriguing, perhaps something like 'You might find this article quite handy.' These kind of subject lines prick curiosity without sounding sales-y.

Start by speaking to them directly

This can be rather tricky – how do you speak directly to 500, 5000 or even 50,000 different people? Well, firstly your email should be targeted to your intended recipients. If you have a large and varied list then it may be worth splitting it into smaller, more targeted segments, and writing a separate email for each.

For example, if you were targeting small business owners, then by starting with a line such as 'As the owner of a small business you will know...' you show that the message is relevant to them and that you are someone who understands their needs. This will require a little research and understanding in order to hit the right area, and, of course, should be related to your pitch/offer.

Throw in a question or two

Does you really understand what your business needs to offer prospects? Are you able to communicate your benefits effectively through the written word?

By throwing in a couple of questions here and there you challenge the reader, thereby sustaining their engagement. By using a combination of questions, such as those above, you can then lead their train of thought to agree with almost anything you want to offer them. For example these gems from the 'No2AV' campaign:

Don't you think that whoever comes first in a race should win? Did you know that under AV the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th place runner could win? Vote not to AV to keep British politics fair.

To achieve the professional tone and eloquent prose that will really rake in the clients, a professional copywriter could end up being the best investment for your next mailer. Get in touch today to find out how we could help.

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