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When conducting any online marketing campaign, be it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, video streaming sites like YouTube, or any form of internet ad, marketers will always try to draw clients back to the company website.

This is based on the assumption that viewers are most likely to be converted into customers after visiting, but for a far higher rate of lead generation, there is an extra step to take.

Landing pages and the following lead capture forms can truly create clients by directing visitors to pages relevant to their interests. Rather than visiting your main page, online users will be relocated to a page that displays a specific service, product or offer, the latter of which, clients will claim by completing a lead capture form!

This method acts as filter for your website, showing potential customers a page which will grab them immediately.

So when you are designing your landing page, remember to do the following to give your company the best chance of turning visitors into leads:

Keep it concise – Remember that your customer will want neither a vague description or numerous pages of info, so keep it reasonable. Have a clear headline and include an image or two as well as a clear form for visitors to fill in.

Don’t try to market further – That is, on the landing page at least. Remove other distractions that could take viewers elsewhere, even your main website, until they have completed the form.

Focus on value – Convey the value of the offer in a short description, giving them no reasons not to download and miss out. Testimonials can also help in this way to illustrate the offer’s worth through consumer eyes.

Let them spread the word – Including social network sharing buttons which will allow visitors to share your offer with their peers, and an email forwarding button will mean that your brand presence can continue to grow.

Don’t push your luck – It is important to ask for only the information you need, so the fewer the fields, and the shorter the form, the more you will find completed. Making the form appear as short as possible has the same effect whilst beinfg transparent about privacy policies will settle viewer worries about parting with their information.

If you would like any further advice about landing pages or any other form of online marketing, why not call Thread today on 0207 226 0099 or contact us to find out more.

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