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You may have noticed the growing importance of link-sharing social network Pinterest, which now brings more website referrals than Yahoo. With its constant feeds of grouped links and images, the simplicity of the site’s user interface has proved to be the key to its success.

Both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, Linkedin has mirrored the success of Tumblr, which has just announced that it will give marketers access to analytics.

This will make it far easier for companies to master the blogging social network.

It is a huge advantage for businesses when they have the opportunity to study any site analytics. This is because it is possible to see exactly:

1) Which types of content are getting the best reaction from users with shares, retweets etc.

2) What the optimum posting times are to gain the greatest reactions, shares and interaction.

3) Which other websites are referring users to your page.

Tumblr has now become a social network that can be optimally utilised by marketers.

Other than its built-in tagging and sharing functions, there are several more capabilities of Tumblr which can be optimised by studying analytics:

Pinned Posts – The pinning option added earlier this year allows users to pin a post on their followers’ dashboards for 24 hours – this is perfect for increasing exposure of your products, services, or you brand in general.

Radar – The blog networks’ display unit, which gets more than 120 million impressions a day, allows companies advertise their accounts on a bar on the right of followers’ dashboards, meaning Radar ads are certain to reach your target audience.

Spotlight – Companies can buy advertising displayed at the top of Tumblr’s Spotlight pages, which can produce numerous referrals.

There are now numerous different functions performed by Tumblr which can be analysed and improved. So taking into account the importance of the blog network’s prominent young and international audience, this is an exciting new advantage for marketers in connecting with and growing their target consumers on Tumblr.

If you would like any advice on using marketing analytics to your advantage or improving your brand presence on Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social network, why not give us a call today, contact us or take look at our work.

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