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In creating any business, founders will think not just of location, but the appearance in every detail. In fact, the wise businessman will pre-determine every component of the establishment, ensuring that their target market is always being catered for.

When a service is made easily accessible to potential clients, its success will be determined by both the function and the aesthetics.

This is why, successful letting agencies appear modern, neat and contemporary to portray a professional and reliable service and will be situated in an area which encompasses their target audience. For instance, a letting agency in Portsmouth is unlikely to offer accommodation in Inverness.

As much of the retail world now exists and co-exists on the internet, the rules of beginning a notable establishment must now be incorporated online.

In the 21st century, your business website is your virtual establishment and businesspeople think in much the same ways as they did in creating successful physical shops or offices.

Online location is everything

Is your website easy to find by potential clients? What does it take for consumers to come across your webpage? Will it appear relatively easily or does it take endless searching?

Companies are far more efficient when their results appear high on search engines and now Google offersAdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) to put you’re your existing or new marketing strategy to the test. ACE can test the effectiveness of your keywords, online location and ad groups against one another to measure the impact. This service can help you to assess how your online location can be re-calibrated to put your business right in-front of your consumer’s eyes.

Appearance makes the brand

What does the style and colour of your page say about your business? Does the look please your consumer’s perceptions of quality, or merely our own? Is your page easily navigable, or is it a virtual labyrinth?

Remember, your website should be crafted in a style which caters specifically to your target audience and must be aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and impressive, yet not over-complicated. Colour, style and ease of use are the key components to get right; a page which looks professional and functions efficiently will reflect will on your credibility as a business.

Content provides the real depth

What is your service? Do you clearly state what your business aims to achieve and the services you offer on the home page? Are you speaking the language of your target audience?

Clients may question just exactly what service it is you offer when they first glance at your website. Remember not to use ambiguous language and have separate tabs for specific services. Provide your audience with previous feedback, both in the form of testimonials and professional photography of your services. When writing the content for a page, you must speak the language of your client, taking into account jargon and all the while you must convey your product or service in a coherent, honest and professional manner.


Sticking to these key points will help your brand make a bigger impact within the largest of the world’s market – the World Wide Web.

Is it time to maximise your presence in the online world? If so, get in contact with us today to find out how we can boost your presence in the online marketplace.

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