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Perhaps only a few years ago, everyone and their Nan had an email account ending in Today, Microsoft’s once prominent email-provider is living on borrowed time.

With Gmail reigning supreme in all its email technology – from its ease-of-use to endless add-ons – it appears difficult to be beaten.

But what does that then mean for Hotmail? It has become a crucial time for Microsoft to perform a significant product rebrand.

The rebirth of Hotmail will come in the form as the internet giant raises its game to produce an email service worthy of competing with Gmail.

So let’s look at exactly what is in the overhaul of the email service:

Metro UI styling – This attractive design first seen on Windows 7 Smartphones several years ago, allows Outlook to be built on the existing Hotmail platform, but this simple, easy navigable and friendly surface makes for a complex system just as user-friendly as Gmail.

Integration – Office 356, Skydrive and Skype can all be integrated with Outlook, so now users can conduct Skype video and audio calls directly on the chat panel; take advantage of the generous 7GB online storage of Skydrive (which even beats Google Drive’s 5GB) for large email attachments and view and edit any files, be they Word, Powerpoint or Excel, right inside the email with the attached document.

Threaded Emails – Outlook can now match Gmail’s automatic threading of on-going conversations with the same service. This means you can easily link and manage relevant email conversations together.

Social Network Support – Windows Messenger and even Facebook chat can now be integrated to your email inbox – a direct competition for Google Talk.

So as the platform could not be improved enough to match the successful usability of Gmail, Microsoft have revamped their email service so much that it has called for a new brand name and image.

With a promising design and a plethora of features which Hotmail was lacking, Outlook is set to give Microsoft far more stable ground in the email market.

Is your current platform obsolete and preventing you from necessary upgrades or leaving you trumped by the competition?

A positive brand image and an efficient service are both crucial to ensure business success.

So if you need any advice on rebranding your own company, or would like any additional marketing advice, why not give us a call on 0207 226 0099, contact us to find out more or take a look at our work.

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