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You may have noticed that the success of many companies lies with the reputation they have established.

Such online personas are devolved through sharing useful content with users, and providing helpful advice, insight and tips that can guide fans. All this can ultimately facilitate an online community of users who interact, share advice with one another and in turn, uphold your company reputation.

But what is an easily accessible, light-hearted and informative way to share information with your clients? Why blogging of course.

Many businessmen may be dubious about taking the time to put together a blog. They may think that they are unnecessary, time consuming and only a job for professional writers. But these presumptions could not be any less true.

Here are a few facts about blogging which prove that anyone can be a big bad blogger:

Blogs do not need to be perfect – Remember that this is neither a piece of prose or a discursive essay; blogs are light-hearted updates from your own personal field of expertise.

You have knowledge to share – Look at your company, your role within it and all the insider knowledge you have learned to get this far. Surely there are several pointers you can share with your fans without giving too much away! You have the knowhow and the lateral thinking to help users interested in the same subjects, so, take advantage.

Blog posts are short and sweet – Blogs simply involve writing around 350-500 words in a post/update-like form, which is more than enough room to make most points simply and clearly.

You can always ask for help – Should you struggle with spelling, grammar or any other writing element, it is always worth asking proof readers for pointers. This way, you can ensure that the quality of your writing is always improving with feedback, plus you’ll know that every blog reads swimmingly.

Here at Thread, we like to ramble on about our passion for marketing every now and again, and, we get a lot of enjoyment from writing our blog posts.

If you would like any advice about the different ways to connect with your audience, or would like any assistance with blogging, give us a call today on 0207 226 0099, contact us to find out more or take a look at our work.

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