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The World Wide Web is packed with millions of different businesses all striving to communicate their innovative ideas, brand values and product services to existing and potential customers – all at the same time.

It goes without saying that it can be hard to get a word in edgeways with this endless competition.

A key question for any marketer is how to illustrate points in an attractive, accessible and quick to digest manner.

What 2012 taught marketers is that consumers have taken a huge liking to visual content.

The visual revolution, as some observers have called it, sprouted in the form of major increases of image sharing on social networks that receive far more of a reaction than plain text. This was embodied with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn’s oversized timeline header images, which, for marketers, allowed for better communication of brand messages to the visual generation.

Similarly, with the rise of the photo-sharing social networks Tumblr and Pinterest, and the viral nature of Instagram, we could not live in a more visual online world.

The latest addition of course is the inclusion of sizable images that can now be included in tweets.

So, what are the most effective ways that marketers can gain traction from the on-going visual revolution?

The answer: Infographics, an indispensible tool to marketers.

These images can depict masses of useful information in an attractive and easily-consumable way.

Marketers are able to illustrate step-by-step instructions to help viewers achieve a task. Or, for more complicated businesses, the function of products and services can be made crystal clear.

They can show how all the components of your business fit together and paint crucial information such as statistics, case studies, ROIs and other data in a form that takes seconds to understand.

These insights are also invaluable for any company that may be experiencing change. Whether it is a brand redirection, the inclusion of new products or services or any other business evolution, infographics will better put across any message than could be done in plain text.

Are you thinking about the value of infographics? Would you like more guidance about how to create and use them to benefit your business?

Then contact us today or take a closer look at our work.

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