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Advertising. It still seems to demand a hefty slice of a brand’s marketing budget, but is it still worth it? In the Mad Men days of high-flying ad executives and whiskey for breakfast, advertising really did work. It worked precisely because it was hugely expensive and this gave brands an air of prestige. But those days are over.

Advertising is now so commonplace that it takes something quite spectacular and eye-catching to draw any attention. Nowadays the focus is all on interaction – creating brand ambassadors by reaching out and talking to your target market.

With the explosion of the online universe, businessmen now have a plethora of options for directly marketing a company or product through interaction and can do so without paying advertising agencies millions.

The best way to launch new business ideas and products is to reach out to your target market directly through social media, mobile web and other digital technologies.

Many people’s daily routine now revolves around social media. While it is well-known that most users will access social networks at least once a day, in reality the average person will log in many times a day. In fact, a large proportion will check and update Twitter and Facebook throughout the day – it’s a favourite public transport pastime, entertaining millions on the to and from work trips, as well as the ideal lunch break browse option.

This is why social media works wonders for businesses, as it allows for constant engagement with clients who have followed you on Twitter, liked you on Facebook and connected with you on LinkedIn. Now your target market can find you online, directly ask you questions and share your news with others.

An additional benefit is that analysing social network statistics can help you to better understand your actual target audience, rather than your perceived or ideal audience. Social networks are also exceptional at representing public trends and opinion; another useful basis for any future marketing plan.

It is unsurprising, then, that traditional advertising can be thought of as dead. For the modern brand, digital media is far more effective at bringing your target market to you and allows you to analyse their needs and tweak your marketing to meet changing trends.

Are you using marketing in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible? If you would like professional advice on how to use digital media to advertise your business, give us a call today on 0207 226 0099 or contact us to find out more.

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