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Digital Media is such cheap, convenient and effective communication tools it makes you wonder whether there’s still a place for face to face comms, and, does it really matter?

No one is saying that the web hasn’t been a blessing to comms teams everywhere. However, many will admit that despite the immediacy and connectivity of digital tools, this new way of interaction is not an adequate replacement for meeting clients face to face. After a while, communicating via short text-based messages from the other end of a network connection falls short of the real interactivity experienced in person.

By meeting staff, clients, partners, investors or anyone else in person, you can learn a lot more about what makes them tick than you ever could online. What’s more, when you have met with a handshake and a real-life conversation, even digital connections can feel more genuine, longer lasting and bring more fruitful results.

It is not choice between digital and face to face communication - they come hand in hand. The live interaction helps build a relationship and rapport, while the digital tools help to quickly and easily continue that connection, communicating vital information.

Because you have built rapport, people will be far more willing to help you out should you make a mistake or cut you a bit more slack if you’re having a bad day.

How do you mix your digital and face to face communication? Is there a bias towards one over another? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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