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Since the marketing world went online several years ago, the different methods of advertising have grown like a beanstalk.

Innovative marketing media seems to spring out of the ground almost overnight. Add the fact that these updates are integrated across a vast array of different devices, and you can see how evolving technology keeps every marketer on their toes.

Realistically, not all marketers are technological masters But with on-going research of new marketing tools and methods, they can ensure that they are not missing out on new innovation.

Currently, the majority of marketers face many shortcomings for not staying on top of the technical side.

Hubspot highlighted that “75% of marketers say their lack of skills is impacting revenue in some way, and 74% say it’s contributing to misalignment between the marketing and sales teams”, according to Eloqua.

So, to keep up with new developments, it is useful to watch the big names such as Hubspot, Google, Microsoft and the many more to see what new innovations are popping up.

However, this does not mean that you should be simply a follower of giants. You can also stand on their shoulders and even teach them a thing or two.

The only way that anyone develops a new marketing tool is through experimentation.

If both you and your marketing team dedicate some time to try new tactics and methods, you might just be pleasantly surprised. Of course, the results will speak for themselves.

Remember that knowledge is generated by interest and not the other way around. So as you start to learn through your research, your plan of action can pretty much write itself.

After you have looked through enough case studies and have scoped the market, you can work out the best ways to integrate new and existing technologies into your marketing practice.

When you have reached this stage, don’t forget to produce some results! By setting marketing goals, you can use your marketing data to assess your current performance and help plan for the future of your company.

At Thread, we do our best to watch new marketing technologies like a hawk, so we can keep your business up-to-date and find the best ways to integrate new technologies and measure their success.

So if you would like any advice on the ever-changing marketing world, contact ustoday and take a look at our work to see how we could help.

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