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Four years after a global financial recession, economic growth still appears to be a pipe dream. Every sector has been impacted within the business world, so businessmen have been forced to think of new, cheaper ways to operate.

Less money, of course, means fewer resources can be devoted to market research, albeit a dedicated marketing team. In fact, Marketing Week revealed surprising results from an online survey by recruiter Michael Page.

The questionnaire illustrated that 61% of senior marketers “believe their company is not doing enough to retain marketing staff”.

This is likely due to the fact that marketing functions can now be outsourced to independent professional teams, which can require less money and resources from your own company and can also produce far superior results than even your own team could.

With staff being frequently refined due to financial constraints, it is essential to maintain the positions that are invaluable; so when the internet offers a plethora of free market research tools including social media and the Adwords Campaign Experiments, it can seem superfluous to have an entire team permanently on the payroll.

This is why so many companies are now looking to outsourcing. With endless experience across a huge spectrum of different marketing methods, these marketing bounty hunters can be hired as and when you need them.

Paul Sykes, managing director of Page’s marketing division told Marketing Week:

“Top marketers are looking for ways to enhance their careers by working on interesting or new projects, not just sitting tight in the current market conditions. They want the opportunity to help grow the business and increase market share”.

Here at Thread, we take pride in our diverse experience of market research. We believe that each company’s approach should be unique but also engage the target market and address competition and current trends. With our vast history with clients from the far corners of the business world, we are always enthusiastic to learn about your new venture and help you company to thrive.

So if you are reluctant to invest in a large marketing team but still want reliable and honest marketing research, why not contact us today and find out what Thread can offer your business.

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