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When we think of the world’s biggest brands, we have to question just to what their international successes are owed.

Perhaps the recipe to success is in catering for every taste, by keeping your brand simple.

Every aspect, including your brand’s image, voice and appearance, should not be overcomplicated, or consumers are far more likely to look the other way.

Here are a few tips that can help your company to re-focus on the core values of your brand:

The first and perhaps the most important factor is your brand message. Conveying the right message comes down to producing a concise business objective, which really defines your company’s function. Take Nokia’s ‘Connecting People’ for example. It is simple and effective and makes it pretty obvious that they specialise in communication. Red Bull’s “Gives You Wings” tagline is similarly genius for a caffeine/taurine-heavy energy drink.

But it is also the continued voice of the brand which ensures success. You may notice the fun and comedic voice of Red Bull, who mirror their relaxed attitude in light hearted television ads and flying-machine marketing events.

Achieving a unique, likeable and trustworthy brand voice comes down to the very language, wording and tone that you use in all aspects of communication. So whether it is online marketing campaigns, mass media marketing, blog posts or simple social media updates, it is important to uphold the same brand personality that your clients will come familiar with.

Lastly, your logo is the first image which will spring to the consumer’s minds when they hear your brand name. Colour, design and appropriateness should all be heavily considered to reflect the brand. This is why soft-drinks will tend to use colourful logos rather than minimal corporate colours, whilst banking firms will do the opposite.

When your brand begins to make a common appearance in your target market, don’t forget to measure the success through social media reactions and consumer feedback so you can see if any of your brand’s aspects are ambiguous, over-complicated, or just plain bland.

Here at Thread, we can help lift the profile of your brand through innovative online marketing designed around your unique company and catered effectively to your target audience. With over 20 years of experience, we know that some things are best kept simple, but we know well how to make simplicity work in creative ways.

Are you in the early stages of establishing a brand, does your brand need re-focusing or do you simply want to improve your brand presence, then why not call us on 0207 226 0099 or contact us to find out more.

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