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The modern day marketer must harness many skills in order to help a business reel in customers.

In this mean world of marketing, we must put together the ultimate marketing team or adopt the many alter egos of a well-rounded marketer.

So what sorts of people do we need to grab, or what skills do we need to develop to become a marketing machine?

Be the Blogger

As a marketing blogger, you must strive to be a reporter of all the latest and greatest marketing news, events, trends and updates throughout the social media world.

This is why a professional blogger pours hours into research, learns all the marketing keywords and SEO mumbo jumbo, and puts news across in an informative, concise and often humorous manner. If you really can’t say it in 350 words, then it might not be worth saying at all.

Surf the Networks

Social networks, whether used casually or professionally, are huge parts of everyone’s lives, and in the marketing world. It is crucial to maintain a social presence.

This is why the role of a social media marketer is perhaps the most important of all. This involves staying interesting and relevant all of the time, with every post. As a social surfer, you have trends to follow, a brand presence to keep up and new leads to attract. If you can always keep people engaged, then you are already a master.

Scan the Stats

The quantitative method, which is mathematically and scientifically ensured to be a success, is to analyse all the facts and figures.

This is where numbers and percentages really matter as you must scan the stats and decipher exactly what marketing methods are working or failing for your business. You are the marketing code breaker.

Marketing Multi-power

To adopt the marketing multi-power, you must combine all of these skills together with time, effort and patience.

This is the ability to learn exactly how each aspect of marketing fits together and contributes to your marketing strategy. You may not work in the conventional fashion and will have to make many important marketing decisions for your company. But it will all pay off.

However, if you do not have the time to adopt all these skills then do not worry. Work can be outsourced to freelancers or split-up in a marketing team.

If you would like any further advice on anything social media marketing, then why not contact us today.

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