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When crafting any social media marketing campaign, it is obviously crucial to put a lot of thought into language and content, but it equally important to make sure that your brand’s visual appearance is at its very best.

Signs demonstrating that images and graphics are growing popularity amongst both businesses and consumers are emerging from all angles.

Here are a few clues that Thread has caught on to:


One of the most notable improvements LinkedIn will be making to its company pages is the option of Facebook-style cover images; this will allow businesses to include their brand logos and company image prominently on their LinkedIn profile page.


Earlier this year, Facebook completed rehashed the user interface of its profile pages; this move put all pages on the new timeline format that includes a huge cover image as well as a profile photo.


Twitter has also just adopted the same header image for user profiles as Facebook and LinkedIn. This update was only launched yesterday and major brands including Hubspot, Mars Curiosity Rover (NASA) and Comedy Central have already taken advantage of the update.


According to MDGadvertising, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network. Page views for the image-dominated link sharing site have risen 210% in the past three months.


Everyone who uses social media is bound to have seen a few cinematic snaps that are well beyond the photography capabilities of your friends – this is merely the result of Instagram – the social network/photo-sharing program that applies a warm filter to every image taken.

When Instagram spread across the web like wildfire, Facebook saw its popularity and bought it for approximately $1bn.

What does it all mean?

With a rapid increase in the attention social networks are paying to the inclusion of images, they are now considering aesthetics to be a far greater priority.

As these social titans strive on consumer research and ultimately giving the public what they want, this recent visual revolution can only be due to the demands of their audience.

Here at Thread, we have become watchdogs of the online world, as every update, good or bad, can affect the success of your brand. That is why we have made our name in boosting the brand presence of companies both big and small.

So if you think your brand could better adapt to the changing world wide web, give why not contact us to find out more or take a look at our work.

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