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It was a lot easier when all advertising media was physical. It was just a lot less effective, unfortunately. Digital media has far more options for targeting, allowing you to be very granular with your advertising. Yet, these options can be tricky to get right and costly to get wrong.


Two ads with an overlapping targeted criterion could, for example, end up cannibalising large chunks of your media budget. Miss out a targeting option, such as remarketing, however, and you’ll significantly reduce your ROI.


Thread has been using targeted media buying since the days of magazines and billboards, and we’ve honed our expertise on digital platforms too. With a smart strategy and a thorough plan, we can be incredibly targeted with your media buys, whether online or print.

Different messages featuring to specific users on different platforms – it creates a running thread throughout your advertising, enhancing your brand message.

If you were opening a chain of women’s clothes shops in Leeds, for example, we would look to buy vicinity advertising to alert those living nearby, reinforce the message through regional and local newspaper ads, and augment those with social media advertising targeted at the specific demographic of women who typically buy your clothing.

This combination of media with a common messaged threaded though it leads to greater retention and overall brand awareness.


Social Media Advertising

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