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Events allow your business to communicate who you really are and why you do what you do. You can receive live feedback from a specific audience and alleviate any concerns they may have while getting insight that can be used to develop new products and services.


Yet, there is a stark difference between a productive event that everyone enjoys and an event that flops. That difference is down to event design, production, and management.


A good event is more than just a vanity project, it seeks to accomplish real goals. Attendance numbers don’t translate into deals unless there are opportunities to build meaningful relationships.


‘Breakout sessions’ are a clumsy and brute method of shoehorning in contact time – something that can add little more than awkwardness to an event. Contact time should be meaningful, engaging, and flow naturally within the event structure.

Thread has been running events for decades. We’ve discovered all the little details that transform events, keeping them interesting, engaging, and enjoyable for your clients.


From the initial idea to the invitation, our design team focuses on inspiring attendance, communicating your key messages, and adding those creative touches that make the event truly memorable.


Meanwhile, our production and event management teams make your event come to life. We’ve wowed princes and CEOs, children and adults alike with our impressive event production, and our event managers keep the show running smoothly, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the event.


However spectacular the event though, we never lose focus on what really matters: building meaningful relationships that last.


Event Management

Design and Production


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