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Twitter becomes a nest of lead generation

What is social media business activity if not to generate more leads to your organisation?

Yes, we all like to engage with our clients; increase brand awareness; promote products and services; develop online communities and share knowledge; but first, you need to funnel visitors to your main website.

So for every LinkedIn discussion in which you might allude to your company services, each Facebook post that you share an image from your website, and each tweet that you entice viewers with promises of surprise at the other end of a URL – you always want more potential customers exploring your main page.

The great news then is that Twitter is about to climb the pecking order by revolutionising the way that marketers get leads.

If you remember when the little bird launched Twitter cards back in June last year? These are the media experiences that you see on the larger tweets on smartphone applications; well, now our feathered friend will scoop leads right from the tweet.

By shortening conversion paths, the Lead Generation Cards make it effortless for users to respond to a Call-To-Action (CTA) by submitting their details through a tweet.

This is quite what it seems and even we thought that this might be too good to be true!

Users literally only need to click a submit button – they don’t have to fill out a form as every user’s name, email and username will be taken from the tweet.

If you’ve been waiting for a way to make Lead Generation even easier – this is it!

In fact, this has transformed the whole concept of a CTA, making it as easy as a single click – and Tweet Cards should even grab users who are put off by filling in the usual lead forms.

So, Twitter marketers look set to get more out of their money with promoted tweets, and SMEs will be excitedly waiting for this service to be made available.

Do you heavily rely on Lead Generation? Are you excited by this update? Will you adopt Twitter CTAs for your business?

Let us know with a comment below or join the discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

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