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Every businessperson knows how crucial marketing is for growing clientele, lifting brand presence and ultimately boosting sales, but many of, if not most will struggle to organise the most effective and efficient methods of advertising.

With an ever-growing and increasingly globalised world, it is easy to see why many marketers focus on traditional marketing techniques such as television, radio, billboards and mail.

However, just because there are billions of people in the world doesn’t mean that all of them will be interested in your business.

In fact, these methods take up so much time and money – and taking into account that traditional marketing targets all different kinds of people, it is obvious that there is a more efficient way.

Inbound marketing works quite differently, in that rather than projecting your company message to the masses, it directly focuses on your target market. Methods such as social media, content creation and search marketing can be used to target potential clients so that the best leads are brought right to your business.

So what are the different stages of inbound marketing?

Content Marketing – The first obvious step is to establish content on your company website which is unique, informative and eye-catching. Generating content such as videos, articles, infographics and blog posts can increase web traffic by reeling in potential clients and giving them a reason to come back.

Search Marketing – By adopting the most relevant keywords to your target audience and prominently including them on your site can ensure that users already searching for these terms have a good chance of reaching your company page on any search engine.

Social Media – Setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many others is the first and most efficient way to locate more customers. Establishing online communities and sharing information interesting to potential clients will breed discussion, whilst answering questions will win your company a respected voice. From here you can keep your presence growing so that more and more customers will seek your content and services.

These are just a few ways to get on the right track with inbound marketing. If you would like any further advice regarding inbound or any other type of marketing, why not contact us today and see what Thread can do for your business.

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