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Winning a major bid can be transformative for your business. So, it pays to go the extra mile.

Unfortunately, many businesses leave it entirely down to their sales and account managers to reel the contract in, rather than involving the wider team. Yet, it’s the job of marketing to communicate your solutions, USPs, and values to your target audience – whether that is an audience of one or a million.

By aligning sales and marketing at an early targeting stage, a plan can be built to reach and engage procurement managers, and convert a major bid into ongoing work.

At Thread, we think strategically from the outset, creating a customer journey map for each of the major contracts you are bidding on. By understanding your customers, their journey to find you, the evidence they were likely to encounter along the way, and the questions they would ask, we can ensure that they see the right piece of content at the right time.

It could be an executive summary video or a more in-depth video detailing your solution. It could sit on a special microsite or you could develop private apps to give a hands-on feel. It could even be a simple client testimonial from the ideal word-of-mouth contact, delivered just at the right moment.


We align all your deal-based marketing with your final bid proposal design, including animated schematics and solutions diagrams to augment the videos the client has already viewed.

The overall result of this carefully planned strategy of long-term alignment is that the client gets a consistent message at every touchpoint.


What’s more, the message perfectly resonates with their brand, values, and ambitions – so the question of ‘good fit’ never even arises.


Bid Proposal Design

Solutions Video

Executive Summary Video

Infomercial Video

Customer Journey Map

Client Testimonials

Animated Schematic

Solutions Diagram

Private Apps and Private Microsites

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