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A slogan might stick in your head, but it’s content that provides real substance. Quality content is the best way to win hearts and minds.


Content should always have a purpose, be appropriately framed, and released to key audiences at the right time. This is the essence of a content strategy. A well-defined strategy guides you in what content to release when, on which platforms, in what format, and for what purpose.


Simply firing out a blog is ineffective if there is no consideration to how it will lead a reader to enquiry or purchase. And how will they find that blog if you’ve not considered SEO and social media?


Your content strategy will also vary dramatically depending on whether you’re an ecommerce or B2B business. 

For B2B businesses, whitepapers and e-books offer in-depth information in exchange for a user’s email address, for instance. These users are engaged and interested in your service, they just want to know if they can do it themselves (hint: they can, but it will be less efficient than outsourcing).

Fact sheets and infographics, on the other hand, are powerful and immediate ways of communicating your know-how, particularly through social media. You hold the facts, and we can expertly design images to communicate them.


By linking your infographic to an in-depth whitepaper, you’ve created a path to a soft conversion. From there you can generate marketing-qualified leads on an ongoing basis, feeding your sales team with quality leads.


Thread’s writers are experienced content marketers, not just good copywriters. They take your messaging, existing content, and business objectives and create a complete content strategy around them. In this way, every piece of content works alongside your other content, weaving a consistent thread throughout your communications that drive new leads and sales.


We also ensure that content is well-optimised for search engines (SEO). But we don't just jump on keywords with the biggest search volume, we build a real understanding of ranking factors and relevant long-tail keywords. This will help your content be found organically via search engines, as well as boosting your overall site ranking.


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