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BP is one of the largest energy companies on the globe, providing fuel for heat, light and transportation. Their expertise in extracting, refining and delivering natural resources make them central in every aspect of life and business around the world. 

Following major acquisitions, BP rebranded in 2000 to introduce new values and a visual identity. Included in this process was the BP Helios Awards, which aimed to engage the 100,000 employees working across 120 countries.

Five years into the Awards program, however, cynics at board and management level were questioning the value of the significant annual investment in what had become a tired and repetitive engagement. While the programme delivered on the ‘soft factors’, such as engaging employees and improving morale, they felt it lacked credibility and a sense of purpose.

We felt that demonstrating the financial benefit of the Helios Awards would convert the cynics. We identified six key areas of value generation through a Value Identification Workshop.  The subsequent collaboration and sharing of knowledge throughout all levels of BP delivered great-continued results. Business costs fell, reputation was enhanced and the rate of investment increased by an incredible 500%.

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