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Developing a brand is one thing, but activating it is quite another. You may want to be seen as a thought-leader in your field, for example, but without the right approach to brand engagement, it’s easy to fall short.


The key to successful brand activation is to get on and engage as many potential customers through experiential campaigns as possible. Delivering your distinct and memorable brand message to a wide audience in a short space of time immediately establishes your brand position, making it easier to fend off the competition.


At Thread, we deliver a number of engagement programmes to rapidly establish your brand:


Thought - Leadership programme

When business leaders have the wisdom to impart, people listen. Whether the subject is space travel or start-ups, Richard Branson will always turn heads. Without tact, however, it can make you seem self-promotional and desperate. Sharing genuine experiences - things that help your customers - is the true mark of a thought-leader.


Customer experience programmes

A solid brand concept is great, but without customer awareness, it’s as good as useless. Customer experience programmes help launch your brand - creating mass awareness while getting essential feedback. After all, customers must influence the direction of your brand, and not the other way around.

Solution environments

The mark of a bold, forward-looking business is the ability to innovate new solutions to old problems. We’ve found the most effective method is to build solution environments - physical and/or virtual environments loaded with the resources, knowledge and communication features necessary to crack any issue.


Brand experience centres

Helping customers understand your brand, products, services, USPs, and so on can be incredibly difficult. Information is often dispersed over multiple pages, channels, photos, and other documents. Brand experience centres bring all of these things into a single physical environment, offering you an unparalleled opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand, products, and services.


Kickstart programmes

Fresh ideas are what keep brands alive. What’s more, they accelerate new companies to success. This is why kickstart programmes are the best catalyst to getting concepts off the ground.


Thought Leadership Programme

Customer Experience Programmes

Solution Environments

Brand Experience Centres

Kickstart Programmes 

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