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Mass marketing is being made increasingly personal with the smart use of data and personalisation technology. No longer do you have to send every customer the same generic direct mail -- now you can fully customise everything that your customers receive. And addressing them by name is only the start.

The entire design of your email newsletter, DM leaflet, landing page, or telemarketing programme can be customised by users based on their interests, values, demographic data, and purchase history.

Coupons can be made specific to each customer so you know if they’ve been used. Insightful details can be dynamically added to automated emails for that personal touch. And the possibilities for data connections are vast.

At Thread, we take the time to consider these points, tying together a blend of direct marketing approaches that contain a consistent thread. This means that your customers get consistent brand engagement across multiple channels at the same time, helping to drive home your brand message.

In the age of data, these threads also make it easier to gain insights into your customer behaviour. If a customer ignores every coupon posted to them, for example, but uses a discount code included in an email, it becomes obvious which is their preferred communication channel. You can now remove this customer from your direct mail list, saving yourself on print costs while generating more sales.

Clever combinations of tests, direct marketing approaches, data, and analytics brings these amazing insights to the fore, helping you to find efficiencies in your marketing and greatly improving return on investment (RoI).


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