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All online engagement is now social. Every blog post, product update, and image you release will find its way onto social media – whether you post it, or someone else does. It takes a well-defined social strategy to reach the people you want, and with the right messages.


It doesn’t matter if your existing and would-be clients are worldwide or within a single city, the best way to engage with them is through online communities. Strategically building your audience across social channels gives you maximum exposure of these announcements as well as allowing you a certain degree of control.


Customer service enquiries from customers also increasingly come through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Both instant and informal, these enquiries require a different approach to traditional email or telephone enquiries.

At Thread, we’ve embraced social media from the outset, using various channels to win-over new audiences, and to keep them engaged.

We start by researching both your competitors and your own social media pages to discover: the demographics of your audience; the types of posts that generate likes, shares, and comments; the best posts for website traffic; the best times and days to post; etc.

The research will highlight many insights about where to position your brand on social media, what kind of tone of voice you should take, and how to win new fans to your brand. This will all be written up in a social strategy document which will be used as an overarching plan for the year ahead.

We also create a social media best practice guide to serve as a manual for administering your social media pages. It amalgamates all of the insights from the research, strategy, and audit into a set of guidelines. This helps keep your social media administration consistent regardless of who is posting.


Social Strategy

Content Planning

Community Management

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