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The Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic (LTFHC) provides medicine, medical staff, health education, supplies and consultancy to the millions of people who live in a vast and almost totally ignored part of Africa.

Raising funds to support this vital work means having to compete with charities possessing far greater marketing budgets. The need is overwhelming, millions of lives are at stake, and the potential to turn the Lake Basin into a region of truly global economic importance hangs in the balance.

With a highly constrained budget, we were asked to raise the profile of the LTFHC and to give it a size and scale that would demand attention from large corporate and high-net-worth donors while still appealing to those that seek to support the charity with small one-off donations.


The outcomes

Working well outside our financial comfort zone but with a genuine belief in what we were doing and a great desire to be of use, we unpicked what made the LTFHC special before designing a brand migration strategy to better demonstrate the wide-ranging work of the charity.

We wrote, designed and produced new literature to give a 360-degree view of their many undertakings. We also produced an important range of white papers that offer in-depth understanding of the colossal needs and massive business opportunities for global companies in and around the Lake.

Work continues to produce a redesigned and easy-to-navigate website that will appeal to and inform the many levels of the audience from the casual visitor to the serious corporate donor.

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