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The chief aim of any marketing campaign is to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Understanding the ‘right’ people for your product or service helps determine the right time and even the right message.


Fortunately, for those of us who crave accuracy, the days of relying on a ‘best guess’ to define your target audience are over. As researchers, we take great joy in executing a well-designed piece of research based on real, live data from actual customers. It’s exciting to have our predictions proven right, and even more exciting to find something surprising that opens up new insights.


Data is now so vast and interconnected that it is possible to narrow down certain features and characteristics of your key market audience pretty rapidly, and with a high degree of accuracy.


Interviews and focus groups provide the opportunity to delve into more depth. These interactive sessions allow assumptions to be tested and insights refined, building on the qualitative data for a complete picture of your target audience.


Stepping back to take in the bigger picture is also essential. Pulling-in sector insight adds context to the data, helping to spot gaps and saturation areas in the market.


But it’s by spotting connections between the data that others miss that unique insight is found. And it’s those insights that inspire amazing ideas.


At Thread, our talented researchers use a rare mix of logical pattern-spotting and creative thinking to join up the dots between seemingly unconnected data. Our essential aim is to present unique insights from thorough and reliable research in a way that inspires and catalyses great campaigns.


Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Sector Insights

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