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Digital offers businesses almost unlimited potential. From a simple website to an immersive application that becomes part of your customers’ lives – digital platforms provide a myriad of ways to connect with your clients.

Yet, in this age of relative digital infancy, many digital agencies offer a single service that they apply to any objective. Every challenge begins to look like a nail, with their app or website build being the only hammer that can solve it.


At Thread, we start with a blank slate, rather than trying to sell everyone the same solution for different problems.


Starting with your project and overall business objectives, our digital production team develops sets of creative ideas, utilising the strength of each platform to its fullest extent. You can then choose from these ideas depending on your preference, budget, and expected ROI

Next, we delve into the user experience (UX) – the single most important aspect of any digital platform. Users must be able to use your platform easily and intuitively to get the most out of it. If an experience is frustrating and disjointed, customers will quickly be put off.


Once your target audience is defined, we do extensive UX research, creating wireframes, designs, and prototypes. Real users are then invited to test the platform at each stage of development to provide essential, real-world feedback which is used to improve the next stage of development.


In this fashion, we build-up both the front- and back-end development steadily over time, eliciting feedback after every stage. This approach means the digital platforms we develop are exactly what users want and need, satisfying their unmet needs and making you indispensable in their lives.


What better way to deliver a great brand experience and ongoing brand awareness?


Strategy and Planning

Content Writing  

UX Research

UX Wireframes

UX Design

UX Data Analysis

UX Prototyping and Testing

Backend Development

Frontend Development

Mobile Development

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