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Thread has had the privilege of working with O2 for the past decade. Over this time we have produced a variety of presentation support, ranging from animated presentations through to developing key content and messaging for senior board level executives within O2. Thread uses its blended skill set of print, animation, video and interactive services to maximise the impact for our clients, making sure that every medium is designed in the same way.


Expression, emotion, connection - modern technology has made global communication instant and direct, but there will always be something special in seeing faces and smiles. O2 wanted to capture the imagination of the emerging video-phone market and to attract the attention of the first adopters. 

We produced a system where users selected language, added their caption, recorded their face and message to create individual and unique visual postcards. The concept transcended linguistic, cultural and geographical distances, making O2 someone to be talking about.
Thread was asked to create a concept which promoted the power of visual communication through human expression.

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