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"It has been a real pleasure working with Thread to develop our campaign.  Throughout, Thread has been creative, flexible, professional and provided great expertise, resulting in a finished product that has received fantastic feedback.  I really feel this is going to be a core tool to help us to tell our transformation story… I’ve already had other teams asking who created it and where can they get one made."

Openreach has ambitious plans for its fibre optic network, but delivering it requires radical changes in the structure and behaviour of the organisation, and workforce buy-in is essential.

Thread’s brief was to explain to the network planning team why they needed to change and what the future might look like to prepare the way for a series of leadership cascade sessions. 

Delivering the story

So Thread created Colin, an animated character who told the story from his viewpoint.  Animation can be very engaging and can communicate messages that would be unbelievable from live actors and cynically received if delivered by one of the leadership team.

Colin played his part to great acclaim with the target audience and successfully paved the way for the face-to-face sessions that followed. Since then, we are now underway to developing the next chapter in communicating another programme. 

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