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Shell Pearl GTL is the largest Gas to Liquids plant in the world and is the fulfilment of engineering and scientific innovation of a type and scale never before witnessed.

The creative team had three weeks to find a way in which to demonstrate the sophisticated and complex Pearl GTL processes and plant for the launch ceremony in Qatar. The result was an animation presented across three screens, bringing the audience on the journey from the birth of the Pearl GTL idea to the creation and implementation of their fuels and products.

The animations proved so captivating and inspirational that the audience at the launch – consisting of the Royal Family of Qatar, international royalty, politicians and the international press – broke into spontaneous applause on more than one occasion.

The Shell Pearl GTL animation perfectly illustrated and captured the key creative theme of the launch event – From Blueprint to Reality - and proved to be one of the major highlights of the entire launch event day.

"Good morning guys. I am finally home from my 'tour of duty' in Qatar!

As Mark may have already told you, the animation went down an absolute storm on the show and it was perfectly complemented by wonderful delivery from our Qatari MC's. 

Each section was applauded - which nearly screwed up our timings going into the films - something that I have never witnessed before within an 'information module'! It was made all the more remarkable by the fact that, apparently, Qataris are not a people known to show their appreciation with applause!!

So it was a remarkable achievement by all of you. It was also a pleasure working with you all and I appreciate there were many others of your team contributing to the success.

Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to all of them on a job, not just well done, but brilliantly achieved and delivered!

One thing I would NOT have changed was you guys. The content, creativity, input, ingenuity, attention to detail and a genuine 'care' about what you were all putting together was a joy to behold. Best to you all"

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