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Brabham, one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula One, approached Thread to help bring the Brabham team name back into the world of Motorsport in a groundbreaking way.


As our relationship with digital technologies evolves, the dynamics of tribal audiences are changing around the world. Communities are more connected, communication is easier and more instant, and consumers are ultimately expecting brands to deliver more engaging experiences. Motorsport, like many other sports, has been slow to respond. Until now.


Brabham was known for its incredible innovation and for pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering, so it only felt right to continue these values into the new team.


Thread is working with Brabham to develop an entirely new concept in motorsport, which is based on an open source model. This new approach allows enthusiasts to connect with the elite of motorsport, working together to create the world’s first fully open source race team, which will be part-owned and part-built by a global community of fans, drivers, and engineers. Underpinning the new team is Brabham-Digital, an engaging set of e-learning, and knowledge sharing modules that collectively provide a unique motorsport experience to a global audience.


The nature of the project means that the digital platform and the race team had to be built from the bottom up, initially starting with a crowdfunding campaign to engage with our growing community and kick-start the project.


We smashed the target, raising an ever-increasing amount of money with a huge exposure in the global press and contributions from 64 different countries.

The motorsport elite such as Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Sterling Moss, Damon Hill, the BBC and Sky F1 have all given stunning endorsements for the idea.


Our next stop is to develop a comprehensive investor and partner proposal that will allow the project to raise the more substantial amount required to initially race in the World Endurance Championships, including the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours in either 2015 or 2016, and to further develop the next generation of motorsport enthusiast.


Watch this space and look forward to a whole new era in motor racing.









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