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Car manufacturer Jaguar has a strong brand image and is committed to delivering exceptional customer service.


Jaguar was looking for ways to educate their employees to maintain brand coherency and quality service. It was important that the approach made most effective use of the available time and offered cost.


Thread was commissioned to partner with Maritz Communications to resolve the issue. We designed a range of online training modules deployed on an innovative global communication platform.

The platform was designed to communicate, educate, motivate and measure dealers directly within the dealerships.


Keeping the dealers within the showroom reduced external travel costs overall.


The system was a global platform and had to take into account differing broadband widths. The infrastructure was based on technologies designed to work within the restrictions of a 64K modem for upload with satellite downtime technology for rich media downloads.


The sale of Jaguar and a resulting change of policy before deployment meant that the full system never went live. However, the design, innovation and technical thinking were hailed by Jaguar as a winning concept that ticked every box, and the training videos went on to be used in training centres. 






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