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Chevrolet asked Thread to develop their entire communications and customer experience programme across European and UK dealerships, assisting over 35,0000 customers in 14 different languages.


They needed local customisation while retaining head office management, near-instant communication and consistently exceptional customer service, regardless of location.  Our bespoke tools, accessible through two private Clouds were the clear solution. 


We designed, created and delivered the entire Chevrolet platform providing fully configurable modules in each language.

Our platform provided Chevrolet with the ability to route specific types of communications between countries and regions, enabling them to customise communications flow as their business evolved.  For example, their Belgium office could then manage requests from other countries, reducing operation costs.  Implementation was also effortless, with training videos covering each section
of the apps. 

These services brought a rare harmony between localism and centralisation, with seamless interaction between each location and the central hub.  If you feel that your business operations could be streamlined in any area, internally or externally, get in contact with us today to brainstorm some ideas.

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